Our Story

My name is Olivia & I was born & raised in Camden. I am a fiance to Paul. Mother to my 2 year old daughter & 2 Staffys.

I wasn’t always in the beauty industry; in fact my previous career couldn’t be any more different from what I do today. I worked 10 years in a warehouse loading trucks & operating a high reach forklift.

I had a genuine passion for beauty & i had pushed it to the side for too long. So i enrolled & completed multiple beauty courses, but i fell in love with lashing.

From humble beginnings of lashing alone in my garage to who we are today, I was inspired to become lash certified after having my own lashes applied for years and it personally made my makeup regimen so much easier everyday, I barely have to wear any 'most days' which in return saves me time.

I attended my first lash course in 2013 training with Masses of Lashes. Since then I have attended multiple lash conferences & events, the list is always evolving. At the moment I hold 4 separate lash certificates, I've attended 2 lash conferences & and I'm only going to further my knowledge.

I've enjoyed the ups & downs on this lash journey & I look forward to see where we go next.

Wondalashes today is a team of 5 beautiful girls, including myself, Jorja, Monique, Bec and Caitlyn. Each of my employees specialise in certain areas of lashing & are passionate about what they do.

Jorja has been with us since September 2016.

'I have a genuine passion for what I do & I am qualified in all aspects of lashing although I specialise in 3D & 6D Russian Volume technique because it allows me to lash to my full potential creating customised lash sets for each individual client.'

Jojra is a senior stylist & our current salon manager.